Conversion Kits

Why are Lolly and Me Conversion kits are sold separately? We decided to do this to keep crib costs down. Some families never end up using it so why should they be forced into buying it? Our conversion kits are sold only on our website. The Conversion kit allows families to use their Lolly & Me crib for the life of their child. Our priority is ease of conversion, and we provide you with all you need to take your baby out of the crib and into the toddler stage and beyond.  For our 3 in 1 Color Me Collection, all hardware and wooden parts are included to create the toddler bed and the day bed. For our 4 in 1 cribs which include the Americana, Mod, Cottage, Ellery, Delaney, Bailey, and Kennedy, the forth conversion into a full-sized bed, requires a standard bed frame which can be purchased at any local mattress store or Walmart. All of our solid wood headboards, when attached to the standard, metal, bed frame make for a truly breathtaking, adult size bed. Great for that guestroom or of course for the infant gone teen!


Americana Crib Conversion Kit

Color Me Crib Conversion Kit

Cottage Crib Conversion Kit

McKinley Conversion Kit

Mod Crib Conversion Kit

Sawyer Conversion

UDESIGN Universal Conversion Kit